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I’ll be the first person to tell someone, I love my vinyl record collection. I’ve left it to my family but they let me enjoy it while I can. I started collecting vinyl when I was 10 years old and well over 50 years I have a pretty good collection. I thought vinyl and record players were a thing of the past. My past Record Label even evolved from LP’S and 45’s to Cassette Tapes and CD’s.

Yes CD’s provided the perfect sound but the warmth was gone that records delivered and the industry sholved it down consumers throats and vinyl was practically dead. Record players were non existent unless you ordered one from Europe.

Well, around 2002 kids started digging into their parents record collections, playing an actual 3 or 4 speed record player. I do remember the 16 speed and slowly but surely vinyl was reborn. Even though it is only a fraction of music sales, a little over 2%. It is growing so fast it may soon be back like it was in the 70’s.

As a record collector, I’m thrilled to see this trend. Young folks have finally figured it out that vinyl records have that warm feel and you can collect something where liner notes actually are readable and vinyl comes in a variety of colors in three speeds. Yes I said 3 speeds. United Record Pressing in Nashville can do anything with vinyl pressing and for a while they just hung in there pressing 45’s and 12 inch singles during the lean years.

I truly believe this is not a phase because vinyl sales are growing at a rate of over 30% a year.

Major chains are selling record players again most in all three speeds When all the other music formats are declining, vinyl is going through the roof.

Case in point. It had been a while since I had been in our local record shop chain Manifest Discount. I quit going years ago when they quit selling new vinyl and 45’s. Now this is a large record store,t he biggest in South Carolina and I was shocked to see all the new vinyl in all formats. As much as I loved looking at this it was a far cry from my parents record shop of 50 years past. I soon learned the cheapest Lp by Eminem was $14.99 and most averaged between 24-34 dollars. This is a far cry from the $3.88 I charged in 1967. The new 45’s are $7.88 and back in the day I charged 77 cents.

I asked the manager if folks really do pay the price and he said without vinyl we would be closed. Everything in the used bin, beat up records and jackets all started at $4.99 each.

So when you think something is old think again. I even have a wax cylinder player with a big horn and wax cylinders. Our ancestors knew something back then, I’ve thought about it a lot. You could actually play music without electricity!

Now there is a place in North Carolina pressing new public domain wax cyliders for the old machines where you can play a fresh clear cylinder of “On A Bicycle Built for Two” or “Alexanders Ragtime Band”.

That’s as far as you can go back except for charts. The Confederate States posted a Top 50 Hits back in 1864. I don’t need to tell you what was no.1 …and still is….Bruce